R&D Department

Our company has the first grease laboratory accredited by ISO/IEC17025 in China. Relying on first-class equipment, technology and rich on-site service experience, our company can provide customers with comprehensive oil condition detection and management services.Determine the best lubrication plan through the research of the lubrication system and lubricating grease to achieve the best lubrication and reduce oil consumption; to avoid the system from malfunctioning due to oil deterioration and oil shortage.Improve the service life of oil products, extend the service life of oil and hydraulic lubrication system equipment; ensure that the hydraulic lubrication equipment is in the best operating condition.

With a number of patents and technical secrets such as metal abrasive particle analysis and oil mixing test in lubricating grease, the precision lubrication technology is at the leading level in China.Our company is in a leading position in the grease industry with a complete range of professional categories and qualifications, advanced equipment and laboratory facilities, and professional talents.

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Sales Serive

Pre-sale Service

  • Receive customer inquiries and provide customers with explanation services.
  • Provide customers with product introduction, quotation and sample services.
  • Invite customers to visit the company’s factory to inspect the production process and process of the product.

On Sale

  • Receive advance payment from customers and arrange factory production.
  • After the production is completed, the customer pays the balance and arranges the shipment to the port.
  • Complete the shipment at the port (or take border trade).

After Sale

  • Assist customers to complete customs clearance and receipt.
  • The product has a shelf life of 3 years. If there is a problem with the product quality, assist the customer to mediate.




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