How to judge whether the grease is deteriorated during the shelf life ?

Lubricating grease is a kind of oil which is made of base oil, thickener and additive in a certain proportion.
The main function of grease is lubrication, protection and sealing.
The shelf life of grease is generally 3 ~ 5 years, or even longer.
The shelf life of different types of butter is different.
In order to ensure the performance of grease, it is generally required to keep it in a cool and dry place to prevent it from entering water and other impurities.
During the storage of grease, it may face a variety of situations.
So let the grease change, may seriously affect the use.

  1. Grease water content more than 100ppm will greatly affect the service life.
  2. Due to the continuous gelation, oil separation capacity will change, which is also a serious impact on the use of.
  3. The third oxidation will cause the thickener to deteriorate, and the drop point will also change.

If the butter has the above situation, it is recommended to re-test the performance of the sample to confirm that there is no problem to use.

How to judge whether the grease is deteriorated during the shelf life ?

We may wish to consider from the following aspects :

  1. 1. Except depending on the intrinsic quality, the shelf life of grease is not specified in national standards. It is also related to storage conditions such as temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions.
    The storage temperature of grease is generally 10 °C ~ 25 °C, and the best storage environment is closed, dry and ventilated. Protected grease generally stored for many years the quality will not be a problem. However, if the grease stored for more than 2 years has obvious changes in appearance, it should be used with caution.
  2. 2. The performance of grease is relatively stable as long as it is stored properly. The indicators have not changed, generally will not affect the use. But after the expiration of the shelf life of the butter, even if the results of detection performance does not change, still can not be used in fine machinery. Can only be used in ordinary equipment and situations.
  3. 3. If the preservation time is more than four or five years or even longer, and the smell of oil is abnormal, the color is turbid, there is obvious oil or crack, oil has unknown precipitation, or even moldy, such butter can not be used.

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