What lubricants are generally used in textile mills ?

In the textile factory, the commonly used mechanical equipment includes spinning machine, weaving machine, dyeing machine, setting machine and so on. For different mechanical equipment, textile mills usually choose different types of oil for lubrication and protection.

The following is the oil used in some common textile machinery and equipment :

  1. Spinning machine : Spinning machine usually uses spinning oil, which has good lubrication performance and oxidation resistance. It can meet the lubrication requirements under high-speed rotation and high temperature conditions.
  2. Weaving machine : Weaving machine usually uses weaving oil, which has good viscosity and lubrication performance. It can meet the lubrication requirements of weaving machine under high speed and high temperature conditions.
  3. Dyeing machine : Dyeing machine usually uses dyeing oil, which has good high temperature resistance and chemical stability. It can meet the lubrication and protection requirements of dyeing machine under high temperature and chemical agents.
  4. Setting machine : Setting machine usually uses setting oil, which has good thermal stability and oxidation resistance. It can meet the lubrication requirements of setting machine under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

In addition, textile mills may also use grease, hydraulic oil for different mechanical equipment and lubrication parts. Which kind of oil should be used should be selected according to the requirements of mechanical equipment and the suggestions of manufacturers.

In addition to the common oils mentioned above, textile mills may also use other types of oils to meet specific needs.

The following are some possible oil products :

  1. Lubricating grease : Lubricating grease is a semi-solid lubricant, peoplr usually use it for the lubrication of sliding parts and high-load parts. Some equipment in textile mills may need to use grease, such as bearings, pulleys, etc.
  2. Hydraulic oil : People mainly use hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system of textile equipment, providing hydraulic transmission and control. Hydraulic oil needs to have good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and viscosity stability.
  3. Cooling oil : In some textile equipment, such as high-speed spinning machines, cooling oil may be required to cool the equipment to prevent overheating.
  4. Cleaning agent : Textile equipment may accumulate dirt and residues during use and need to be cleaned regularly. Textile mills may use specific cleaning agents to clean the equipment to maintain the normal operation of the equipment and extend the service life.

We should note that different textile equipment and process requirements may have different oil demand. Therefore, in the selection and use of oil, it is best to refer to the equipment manufacturer 's recommendations and requirements, to ensure that the selection of suitable oil, and in accordance with the correct method and cycle of oil replacement and maintenance.

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