Frequently Questions about Low Temperature Grease

Low-temperature grease is a kind of paste-like uniform object with a state of fluid or semi-fluid. People usually used it for lubrication, sealing, anti-freezing, anti-rust and anti-corrosion on mechanical moving parts at − 20 to − 70 °C.

Many people do not know much about low temperature grease.Here we talk about the common problems of low temperature grease.

1.Why is the price difference between -20 °C and-30 °C Low-temperature grease so big ?

The first is the essential difference of raw materials from mineral to total synthesis. Not only in the use of lower temperature, its service life and performance have been greatly strengthened, in the operation of the amount of consumption is smaller. At the same time, the low temperature equipment has a greater advantage in starting. The amount of consumption is smaller. At the same time, the low temperature equipment has a greater advantage in starting.

2.What is the minimum resistance of Low-temperature grease ?

Strictly speaking, so far, the lowest temperature of low temperature grease is about -70 °C.

3.What kind of low temperature resistant grease is better ?

In fact, it is the best to choose everything in life. There are many brands and manufacturers at home and abroad, and the price is quite different.We recommend that when choosing grease, we first try the sample, and finally choose the most suitable product according to the actual situation.

4.Can high temperature grease be used in low temperature environment ?

If the high temperature grease is used in a low temperature environment, first of all, according to the temperature range marked by it, if it can be used in the low temperature range of the equipment, but we must pay attention to whether the actual operation of the machinery under the low temperature condition is consistent with the description of the high temperature grease, if there is a requirement for the material of the component, we must pay special attention to whether it can be compatible.

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