Four characteristics distinguished outstanding grease


Grease with good adhesion can provide reliable lubrication protection for mechanical equipment under high sliding and impact loads, form sufficient oil film at the lubrication contact point, and reduce equipment wear and rust. It greatly helps the equipment to extend its service life and reduce accidental shutdown.

2.High temperature resistance

The drop point is the temperature at which the grease melts or the lubricant is separated from the thickener. Under high temperature conditions, it is usually necessary to use higher drops of grease. In general, the dropping point of greases using composite lithium and polyurea as thickeners can reach 500 ° F ( 260 ° C ) or above.

3.Water resistance

The water resistance of grease requires that it does not have the ability to absorb water during storage and use. Because after absorbing water, the thickener will dissolve, resulting in a decrease in the dropping point and causing corrosion, and ultimately losing the protective effect on the mechanical equipment.

4.Structural stability

Greases with strong structural stability have more stable shear stress. When the grease releases lubricating oil under the action of shear stress, excessive shear stress will lead to excessive softening of the thickener and cause irreversible damage, resulting in oil leakage. The grease with stable structure can effectively avoid this phenomenon, help to extend the replacement cycle, and greatly reduce the cost of enterprise purchase.

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