What are the advantages of grease compared with lubricating oil?

Grease is a kind of lubricating material between liquid and solid. In a certain sense, it has the advantages of both. At room temperature and static state, the grease is a plastic body that can adhere to the friction surface and does not flow like a solid. Under the action of heat and mechanical action, the lubricating grease becomes thinner and can lubricate the friction surface like liquid under the condition of increasing temperature and motion. When the thermal and mechanical effects gradually become smaller and even disappear, the grease gradually becomes thicker and even restores to a certain viscosity, However, it is likely not to restore the original viscosity. Because of this particularity, grease plays an increasingly important role in industry, agriculture, transportation, defense industry and other departments.

Compared with lubricating oil, there are many advantages of using grease :

  1. Grease does not need to be added frequently, so the consumption of grease and machine maintenance costs can be reduced. Since it is not necessary to add grease often, especially for the motor installed on the ceiling, the lubrication of the long axis is more important. Some bearings with special grease maintain the same life as the machine.
  2. Grease has good retention ability on the friction surface, which can prevent dust and debris from entering the friction surface.
  3. Grease has good filling ability, can be used as filling material to prevent material loss.
  4. Grease has a certain structure, the correct use of grease to lubricate the machine, dripping and splashing phenomenon can be almost completely avoided. This is particularly important in the case where splashing oil will stain the product. Using grease, the mechanical equipment can operate normally in a vertical position without oil leakage.
  5. Grease has good adhesion on the friction surface, which can reduce the corrosion of long-term unused parts. Some greases ensure that metals do not corrode in water.
  6. Grease damping is strong, in some parts ( such as gear transmission, etc. ) can reduce noise and vibration.
  7. Grease is usually applied to harsh operating conditions, such as high temperature, extreme pressure, low speed, vibration load, etc., or often intermittent or reciprocating operation of the bearing.
  8. The operating temperature range of most greases is wider than that of lubricating oil.

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