Seven points that need attention in the use of grease

( 1 ) The amount of grease should be appropriate

Too much grease will increase the friction torque, temperature and fat consumption. If the amount of fatliquoring is too small, the reliable lubrication cannot be obtained and dry friction occurs. Generally speaking, the appropriate amount of grease is 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the total void volume in the bearing. However, according to the situation, sometimes the edge of the bearing should be greased to implement cavity lubrication.

( 2 ) Pay attention to prevent the mixing of different types, brands and old and new greases

Avoid the cross-use of fat containers and tools, otherwise, it will have adverse effects such as a drop point drop, an increase in penetration and a decrease in mechanical stability.

( 3 ) Pay attention to the replacement of new grease

As the grease variety and quality are constantly improving and changing, When we switch to new grease on old equipment, we should test first before using formally. When using the new grease,we should remove the waste grease and clean the parts first. When adding grease, should extrude the waste grease until the new grease is seen at the grease outlet.

( 4 ) Pay attention to the management of grease filling process

Before receiving and filling grease, it is necessary to pay strict attention to the cleaning of containers and tools. Weshould cleanThe grease supply port on the equipment to prevent the mixing of mechanical impurities, dust and sand.

( 5 ) Pay attention to the timely replacement of seasonal grease

If the temperature difference between winter and summer in the environment where the equipment is located changes greatly, we use winter grease in summer or summer grease in winter, and the results will be counterproductive.

( 6 ) Pay attention to regularly add and change grease

We should determine the grease replacement time according to the specific use, so as to ensure reliable lubrication and not cause the waste of grease.

( 7 ) Do not use wooden or paper container packing grease

To prevent oil hardening, mixed with water or contaminated deterioration, and should be stored in a cool and dry place.

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