Grease requirements for excavators

According to the working characteristics of excavators, the grease for excavator should have the following requirements :

1 To meet the extreme pressure and anti-wear requirements of the use site.

Excavator is a kind of large heavy load equipment, which mainly works under low speed and heavy load conditions, especially the slewing bearing part, which is the main bearing part and bears large load and impact force. Therefore, it is necessary for grease to meet the requirements of excellent extreme pressure and wear resistance.

2 To have good water resistance and rust resistance.

Excavators often work under muddy and dusty conditions, and the chassis lubrication point is easy to contact with mud and water. It is required that the grease should have excellent rust resistance and water resistance to ensure that the bearing is not rusted.

3 To have good mechanical stability.

The self-weight and working load of the excavator are very large. The grease should ensure good shear resistance in heavy load work, but not soften and lose, so as to avoid poor lubrication caused by grease loss in lubricating parts.

4 To adapt to the north and south winter and summer.

The working area of the excavator is vast, and the grease should meet the working requirements of the excavator in the north and south winter and summer environment, and ensure that it can work normally under high and low temperature conditions, especially the excellent low temperature fluidity required in cold winter.

5 Need to have appropriate consistency requirements.

The working environment of excavators is generally harsh, such as water, dust, and multiple impurities. Therefore, the grease should choose an appropriate consistency to prevent impurities from entering.

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