How to choose grease for plastic gear lubrication ?

Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of industrialization, plastic gear transmission has become the most widely used transmission method in the application of mechanical transmission parts. Because of its light weight, low transmission noise, high temperature resistance of gears, and increasing ability to withstand high loads, it is more and more widely used in various fields. In gear transmission, gear transmission requires accurate, stable and uniform, especially high-end products have higher requirements for gear accuracy. In the use of plastic parts, it is very important to select the appropriate grease to reduce friction and wear and reduce noise.

Different from the selection of metal parts grease, it is much more difficult to select the appropriate plastic parts grease. Due to friction, plastic parts degrade faster than metal parts, and improper selection of grease can cause serious consequences. Because the friction and lubrication characteristics of plastic parts and rubber parts are quite different from those of metals, the focus of lubrication demand is also different from that of metal parts. Because of the different compatibility and physical properties of each plastic and grease, it is necessary to consider a variety of factors before making a choice.

What are the specific considerations in selecting plastic gear grease ?

1.The material of gear

What is the material of plastic gear ? Commonly, there are PC / ABS / POM / PP / PVC and so on. The most noteworthy thing here is that PC material must choose oil with good compatibility with PC, otherwise it will lead to plastic rupture.

2.Gear speed

Gear speed refers to the speed of the gear when it is working. Taking the pinion as an example, if the speed is too high as thousands of revolutions, the viscosity of the grease base oil is lower, otherwise it will cause the current to be too large or fly away.

3.The temperature range of the gear during operation

Especially below-20 °C low temperature lubrication, it is necessary to select the base oil with excellent low temperature performance, otherwise it will cause freezing at low temperature.

4.Noise reduction effect

When it comes to the noise problem, this is not only considered from the grease, because the grease plays an auxiliary role in noise reduction, but also the problem of precision fit between the gears, because even the best grease, such as the structural fit is not high, then the effect is not great ;

5.Gear working environment

Gear if exposed to water, dust, or other chemical media, you need good waterproof performance of grease ;in addition, in some specific applications, plastic gears require grease to have corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other performance characteristics. If the working environment of the gear is in contact with food, NSF food grade standard lubricating grease must be used.

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