How to choose the grease for electric forklift ?

The lubricating oil used in electric forklift includes hydraulic oil, gear oil and grease.

On electric forklifts, grease is mainly used in transmission systems, drive systems, steering systems.

We usually use calcium grease and lithium grease. So, specifically.

which kind of grease should we choose for electric forklift ?

When selecting grease for electric forklifts, the performance and consistency grade of grease should be considered. The commonly used consistency levels are Level 2 and Level 3. The higher the load, the higher the consistency grade of the required grease. If the use requirements are met, it is best to use low consistency grease, which can reduce power consumption.

How to choose between calcium grease and lithium grease ?

Calcium-based grease is water-resistant, easy to adhere to the metal surface, stable and suitable for the temperature range of-10 ° C to-65 ° C. The disadvantage is that it has poor heat resistance, loses consistency when it exceeds 100 ° C, and is not suitable for electric forklifts with heavy load and high temperature.

Lithium grease has good water resistance, good stability and is not easy to oxidize when using. It is suitable for the temperature range from-60 ° C to 120 ° C. Its disadvantage is the relatively high price.

Now the application of calcium grease is less and less,the application of lithium grease is more and more widely.

There are some precautions when using electric forklift grease:

  1. We must add grease regularly according to the requirements of the electric forklift manual. It should be noted that different brands of grease cannot be mixed.
  2. During the use and storage of grease, it is necessary to keep clean, avoid foreign bodies and moisture intrusion, and try to avoid grease contact with air. When replacing grease, clean the bearing and keep it dry.

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