How to choose suitable chassis grease ?

To make the vehicle work normally, the lubricity of the vehicle chassis is also very important. Poor lubrication will also cause damage to the parts, there is the possibility of failure. It also has a great influence on the technical condition of the vehicle.If the situation is serious, it will also pose a hidden danger to personal safety, so it is necessary to lubricate the automobile chassis.

The four parts of the automobile chassis lubrication, including transmission system, driving system, steering system, braking system. These parts are also the most used grease for automobiles. The structure of automobile chassis is very complex, so the performance requirements of grease are also very comprehensive.

1.Water and rust resistance

What kind of weather and what kind of road conditions we encounter when we use the car are different. On rainy days, muddy roads are inevitable. Therefore, on the chassis grease, good water and rust resistance is essential, so as to prevent the deterioration and emulsification of oil after water enters.

2.Extreme pressure and wear resistance

The chassis of the car is subjected to impact, load and vibration during driving. Especially on bumpy roads, the chassis leaf spring will be particularly strong vibration, will produce noise, when good extreme pressure resistance and anti-wear grease will come in handy.

3.Oxidation stability and long service life.

When the car is manufactured, the grease pre-added in the chassis transmission and steering system of the car is used to meet the sealing requirements. Generally, the grease is not changed for a long time, which reflects the oxidation stability and long service life of the grease.

4.Good adhesion

It is common for cars to be involved in sediment and other impurities to the chassis when driving. If the grease with good adhesion is not selected, the wear of sand and stone impurities also affects the operation of the whole system.

Choosing a good grease is very necessary for the car, but also for our travel safety and a guarantee !

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