What is valve sealing grease ?

There are three main functions of the valve sealing grease:

  • the sealing function
  • the lubrication function
  • the protection function

What is valve sealing grease ?

Valve sealing grease : mainly for the valve to provide sealing, such products are mostly used for plug、 ball and gate valve, due to its rheological properties,so that the grease can penetrate and fill the fine space generated on the static and dynamic joint surface of the valve due to various factors, so as to hinder the leakage of the medium to be sealed ;

Valve sealing grease is made by thickening synthetic oil with special thickener and refining with a variety of special composite additives. It has excellent air tightness, lubricity, chemical stability and mechanical stability. It also has many kinds. W for sealing and lubrication of various gas and liquid medium valves, and also protects valves to prevent rust and corrosion of valves. The main performance requirements are : sealing grease has good sealing, medium resistance, corrosion resistance, lubrication, waterproof, adhesion, high and low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, colloidal stability, sealing performance and so on.

What is the difference with valve grease ?

Valve grease : Some valves do not have high requirements for sealing. Grease only needs to play an auxiliary seal, but has high requirements for lubrication. The moving parts of the valve will not only produce friction during movement, causing wear on the moving surface ; valve grease can effectively control friction, reduce wear, and make the valve operate flexibly and reduce operating torque.

Valve grease is a kind of grease prepared by special process with high chemical stability base oil and high purity polymer material as thickener. Valve grease has excellent high and low temperature resistance and the viscosity consistency changes little with temperature. Resist aging caused by chloride, solvent, acid, low pressure steam, and condensate ; excellent winding adhesion will not be lost under strong impact force and extreme pressure.

Matters needing attention in valve grease injection :

  1. Pay attention to the problem of the valve at the switch position when injecting grease.
  2. We should pay attention to the problem of uniform grease when injecting grease.
  3. When injecting grease, pay attention to the problem that the valve diameter is flush with the sealing ring seat
  4. When injecting grease, we should also pay attention to the grease injection at the valve stem.

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