Reasons for grease drying

The problem of grease drying and hardening caused by oil separation, if this process occurs during the operation of machine components, such as bearings and gears, will have adverse consequences for their normal operation. As the grease drys and hardens, the friction intensifies, causing the bearing temperature to rise, and the rising temperature in turn increases the speed of grease drying.

In most cases, the serious dryness of grease is the result of many factors. Let 's start with the main reason of grease dryness.

Reasons for grease drying

  1. Grease contamination:Dust, soil, floating dust and similar impurities, which will cause the grease to dry.
  2. Incompatibility between greases : If the grease is accidentally mixed, the colloidal structure of the grease will be destroyed and the oil separation will be accelerated. One typical example is the mixing of organic bentonite grease and soap grease.
  3. High-temperature volatilization : Greases formulated with low-viscosity base oils are most volatile. When the temperature rises to a certain height, the base oil overflows from the thickener, and the grease gradually hardens.
  4. Oxidation of base oil :Base oil looks like asphalt after oxidation, and grease will undergo the same oxidation process. Copper accelerates the oxidation of grease base oil, causing grease to thicken and harden.
  5. Overheat of machine parts :Such as excessive grease filling of bearings, overheating caused by mechanical conditions ( improper installation, overload, etc. ), and insufficient lubrication may cause overheating problems during machine operation. Among them, excessive grease filling is a common cause. When the machine runs at high temperature and reaches the dropping point of the grease, the oil begins to precipitate, and the grease gradually loses the base oil and begins to dry. Finally, the grease fails and the machine will have problems.

Effect of grease drying

Once a grease dry cause blockage, thickener will be stuck in the machine, the loss of base oil. In the centralized lubrication system, grease dry blockage is more likely to occur in the pipeline between the oil pump and the nozzle. In order to prevent the problem of dry clogging of grease, the choice of grease is very important. Good quality grease has low oil separation trend and good stability in the mechanical shearing process. In addition, attention should be paid to maintaining the flow rate of grease enough to prevent grease from being static, because it will cause oil separation and blockage. Some grease thickener fiber is longer, such as sodium grease, is more likely to encounter this problem.
Select the appropriate, good reputation grease, and use the grease as recommended.


  • The amount of grease is not the more the better.
  • Storage grease should pay attention to dustproof and bring in impurities, and pay attention to sealing after use. Prevent cross-mixing between different greases.
  • Some users add base oil to harden ( or thicken ) grease to dilute, so that the consistency of the grease becomes smaller ( ie, softer ) and then use it. This method is not suitable for users. Due to the lack of necessary homogenization treatment process, the colloidal stability of grease will deteriorate.
  • When the barrel is opened to take the product, do not leave holes in the packaging barrel, the surface of the fat after taking the sample should be smoothed to prevent pits, otherwise the base oil will be squeezed by natural gravity and seep into the pits left by sampling, affecting the quality of the product.

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