Difference between lubricating oil and engine oil

Mechanical oil, Chinese full name is ' total loss system oil '. It is a general quality lubricating oil tobtained by dewaxing, solvent refining and clay treatment of petroleum lubricating oil fractions. It is suitable for gearboxes, bearings and other general lubrication points with operating temperatures below 60 °C.
Engine lubricating oil, can play a role in lubricating, reducing wear, cooling, sealing, anti-leakage, anti-rust corrosion, shock absorption and buffering of the engine. We regard it as ' the blood of the car '.

Two different lubricants, each has a special purpose and special requirements, therefore, generally we can't use them interchangeably.

The difference between lubricating oil and engine oil are : different scope, different role, different composition.

Different scope :

The application range of lubricating oil is wide, including industrial equipment, automobile gearbox, hydraulic system, gearbox and other mechanical equipment lubrication. The oil is mainly used in the lubrication of the engine, which plays an important role in lubrication, cooling, cleaning and sealing. The internal metal parts of the engine produce heat energy by friction when running at high speed. The oil can form a protective film on the surface of the parts to reduce the heat energy and achieve the effect of cooling.

Different effects:

Lubricating oil is mainly used in bearing, gear, chain and other friction parts. The engine oil mainly lubricates the friction between the internal components of the engine, such as piston ring, crankshaft connecting rod, camshaft, etc.

Different compositions:

We mainly use Lubricating oil as an industrial lubricant to reduce friction and wear. It consists of base oil and various additives ( such as extreme pressure additives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, etc. ). But use the engine oil to lubricate the internal parts of the engine. It is usually composed of base oil and a variety of additives, such as cleaning agent, slag remover, friction reducer, anti-wear agent, etc.

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