Three points when choosing lithium grease

1.Determine the brand of lithium grease :

When choosing lithium grease,we should determine the brand of lithium grease.The grade of grease is divided according to consistency ( NLGI consistency grade ), and lithium grease is also divided into different consistency. The larger the consistency grade is, the harder the lithium grease is, the smaller the consistency is, and the softer ( thinner ) the lithium grease is. The first step in the selection and substitution of lithium-based grease is to find the right consistency grade. The equipment has regulations on the consistency of the grease needed, just like the size of the shoe, which is too large or too small. Lithium grease used in rolling bearings generally has three consistency grades :

  • The most commonly used bearing is 2 # lithium grease.
  • The consistency of 1 # lithium grease is lower than that of 2 # grease, which is softer than that of 2 # grease. It is generally used in low temperature applications or swing bearings.
  • 3 # lithium grease is harder than 2 # grease, generally used in large bearings, vertical installation of bearings, high temperature use or vibration occasions.

2.Determine the base oil viscosity of lithium grease :

Like other greases, the composition of lithium grease is also base oil, thickener and additive. Lithium soap is used as thickener in lithium grease and grease lubrication is mainly lubricated by oil. Lubricating oil is classified by viscosity grade, and the selection of lubricating oil must first select the appropriate viscosity grade. The viscosity selection is the same as the consistency, and the appropriate grade should be selected according to the requirements of the equipment, not too large or too small.

3.What conditions use extreme pressure lithium grease :

Extreme pressure lithium grease refers to lithium grease using extreme pressure additive ( EP ), which is generally applicable to the following situations :

  • Heavy load cases ( P > 0,15 C )
  • There is an impact load
  • Low speed
  • The machinery will appear intermittent static
  • In operation often start and stop.

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