What is the cone penetration of grease?

1.The concept of cone penetration

Grease cone penetration is the depth of grease pressed into a conical container under certain conditions. It is usually used to evaluate the hardness and viscosity of grease. The measurement of grease cone penetration can help engineers choose the appropriate type of grease to ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment.

2.Measuring frequency process

The measurement of grease penetration requires the use of a penetration meter including a conical container and a ruler. Before testing,We need heat the grease sample to a certain temperature to make it more fluid. Then inject the grease sample is into a conical container and placed at a specified temperature for a period of time. Finally, measure the penetration depth of the grease in the conical container.

3.What can cone penetration reflect

The measurement results can reflect the hardness and viscosity of grease. Generally, the grease with smaller cone penetration has higher hardness and viscosity. The grease with larger cone penetration is the opposite. For different machinery and equipment, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of grease to ensure its normal operation. For example, in a high temperature and high pressure environment, it is necessary to select a grease with a small cone penetration to ensure that it can still maintain the lubrication effect under high temperature and high pressure.

In addition to the grease penetration, there are some other lubrication performance indicators, such as drip point, freezing point, extreme pressure performance and so on. The measurement of these indicators can help engineers to fully understand the performance of grease, so as to choose the most suitable type of grease.

In short, grease penetration is an important index to evaluate the hardness and viscosity of grease. Through the measurement of grease penetration, the type of grease suitable for different machinery and equipment can be selected to ensure its normal operation.

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