How to storage and use the grease in right way?

  1. Appropriate Grease Amount

Too much grease will increase the friction torque, temperature increase, then grease consumption become large. However, if too less grease has bad lubrication,cause the friction.

Generally, the appropriate amount of grease should be 30% ~ 50% of the total void volume in bearing. Add different amount of grease according to the actual working condition.

2.Don’t Mix Different Greases

When use the grease, different type and brand greases can’t be mixed. Otherwise, it will influence the drop point, cone penetration and mechanical stability decrease.

3.Replace New Grease

As the variety and quality of lubricating grease are constantly improved and changed, when use the new grease at equipment, we should test firstly before normal use.  When replace with new grease, firstly remove the waste grease and clean the equipment, then add lubricating grease, the waste lubricating grease shall be squeezed out until new lubricating grease is seen at the grease discharge port.

4.Add New Grease

Before adding the new grease, must use clean tools and container, the grease nipple on the equipment should be clean,prevent from mixing the impurity, dust and sand, etc.

5.Change The Grease Regularly  

Add and change lubricating grease regularly according to specific work conditions, to ensure the reliable lubrication and avoid grease waste.

6.Grease Storage

Lubricant grease should be reserved at the a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. If the grease is exposed to one high temperature environment, the oil will separate from grease.

Storage the grease in a sealed container, prevent from mixing the water or impurities.

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