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JTSOR Industrial gear oil is premium fluids is blended with highly refined neutral oil coupled with imported polyolefin(PAO) and various high-efficiency additives are selected, with excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability, high viscosity index, and excellent low temperature fluidity .Ideal for high-stress applications, such as in conveyors, presses, extruders & crushers in the construction, mining, steel and chemical sectors. 

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JTSOR Industriall gear oil is designed for the lubrication of hypoid gear sets in heavy machine, where they offer excellent extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear properties.which is available in a wide viscosity range From 68 ~ 1000.

◎Excellent thermal oxidation stability, longer service life than ordinary mineral oil products.

◎Excellent viscosity-temperature performance, especially suitable for gear lubrication with wide temperature operation

◎The friction coefficient is low, which can reduce the energy consumption of the gear surface during operation, reduce the increase in oil temperature caused by the heat generated by friction, and ensure the normal lubrication of the gear

◎Excellent lubrication performance, can make the gearbox get excellent lubrication under various working conditions and prolong the service life of the gearbox


JTSOR heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil have a wide range of applications across a wide variety of high-stress applications, such as in conveyors, presses, extruders & crushers in the construction, mining, steel and chemical sectors.

◎It is suitable for various types of closed gear transmissions. Special variants are recommended for gears with harsh lubrication conditions such as low speed, heavy load or shock load.

◎It is suitable for outdoor machinery with large environmental temperature changes, such as cranes, cranes, car gearboxes, reducers, chain drives.

◎Operation temperature:-30 ~ 120 Degree C

Usage Notice

1.According to equipment oil regulations, select products with appropriate quality and viscosity levels
2.During storage and transportation, it must be waterproof and moisture-proof to prevent mechanical impurities from mixing in
3.Keep the mailbox clean when in use, and clean the mailbox and oil circuit when changing the oil to prevent contamination
4.Do not mix products of different quality levels
5.The replaced old oil is treated centrally to avoid environmental pollution


1.20L/25L in plastic plastic pail/metal pail and other;
2.200L in metal /plastic drum ;
3.1000L  in IBC Tank;
4.All the weight can be packaged according to customer requirements;












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