Six elements of grease selection

The selection of grease should first clarify its purpose According to the main role played by grease, it can be roughly divided into three categories: friction reduction, protection, sealing, and the selection of grease depends on its role in the use part.

1.Consider the working temperature of the lubricated part

The temperature of the mechanical friction part and the temperature change It has a decisive influence on the lubrication effect and service life of the grease The working temperature of the lubricated part is an important basis for selecting the grease.

High temperature blue grease

2.Consider the load of the lubricated part

According to the load-bearing load, it can be divided into extreme pressure grease and ordinary grease, and the grease needs to be able to bear the load of the lubrication part to truly realize the lubrication protection of the parts.

3.Consider the speed of the lubricated part

The physical state and lubricating effect of the grease are particularly sensitive to the operating speed of the lubricated parts, which is different from lubricating oil.

4.Consider the environment of the lubrication part and the medium in contact

  The environment where the lubrication part is located and the medium in contact have a great influence on the performance of the grease Therefore, when choosing grease. It should be carefully considered.

5.Consider the filling method of grease

The filling methods of grease include manual filling and centralized filling by the pump Application, filling, grease gun filling, grease cup filling, etc. are all manual filling.

6.Considering from the aspect of comprehensive benefits.

when selecting grease, you can not only care about its price, but also look at whether it can extend the lubrication cycle, reduce maintenance costs, etc. Only grease with outstanding comprehensive benefits is suitable grease.

Jiangtai grease is widely used in the industry.

The comprehensive lubrication service plan allows you to enjoy the best lubrication service while solving your equipment lubrication problems.

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