Types of grease commonly used in automobiles

In daily life, cars are indispensable means of transportation. The following are common greases in the automotive industry:

1. Calcium-based grease

This is the grease commonly referred to as butter. The most widely used grease in the automotive maintenance industry. This grease is a technology from the 1930s.

It is already an obsolete product in developed countries. Because of its low price, it is widely used by the auto repair industry. It is strongly recommended not to use such products. At least don't use it in your own car.

2. Graphite calcium grease

Usually black, this is due to the addition of a certain proportion of flake graphite in the grease, which has good water resistance and rolling properties. Particularly suitable for lubrication of steel plates at the rear of automobiles. Tests from related parties have proved that the life of automobile leaf springs lubricated with graphite calcium-based grease is more than double that of ordinary grease lubrication. It is recommended that car riders do not use ordinary butter to lubricate the rear wheel steel plate.

3. General Lithium Grease for Automobile

This is a grease commonly used in the modern automobile industry. It has the characteristics of long life, good water resistance and good lubrication effect. It is a substitute for ordinary butter. It can be used for most of the lubrication of automobiles. Its service life is twice that of calcium-based grease.

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