Quality grade classification of four-stroke motorcycle engine oil

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle driven by a gasoline engine and steered by the front wheels by a handlebar. It is light, flexible and fast. It is widely used in patrols, passenger and cargo transportation, and is also used as a sports equipment. From a general perspective, motorcycles are divided into street cars, road racing motorcycles, cross-country motorcycles, cruisers, station wagons and so on.

Motorcycles usually use gasoline engines. The quality level of motorcycle oil usually applies to the American Petroleum Institute's quality classification of gasoline engine oil and API classification. The specifications are: SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ, SL, SM.

From "SA" to "SL", the performance of the engine oil will be better than the previous one for each letter increment, and there will be more additives used to protect the engine in the engine oil. The lower the letter, the higher the quality level, and most of the oil levels in international brands are above the SF level.

4T engine oil is divided into single-grade oil and multi-grade oil. Single-grade oil generally can only be used in a narrow temperature change environment. For example, sae10w is used in winter (-10℃~15℃), sea is used in summer (15℃~40℃); and multi-grade oil (also called compound Type engine oil) has the above two characteristics and is universal throughout the year, such as sae10w/40 (25℃~40℃). From the point of view of lubricating effect, multi-grade oil contains a variety of additives (such as antioxidant and anticorrosive agent, detergent and dispersant), which is superior to single-grade oil. The selection of multi-grade oil is closely related to the ambient temperature. Among them, sae5w/30 is antifreeze oil, used in winter in the north; sae20w/50 is used in summer in the south. The more commonly used specifications are sae10 and sae15w/40. If the vehicle has a heavy load, sae20w/40 can be selected.

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