How to Choose Right Grease for Excavator

When excavator working, many positions at the arms and bucket will remove relatively, and the pin shaft and sleeve will occur friction. Each excavator has the grease injection channel at these moving positions, inject the grease, in order to reduce the friction. 

In order to the better operation, each moving part of excavator has the maintenance time: the grease is injected every 5~8 hours during operation, that’s to say, inject the grease at excavator at least once every day.  According to the working features of excavator, the lubricating grease should has the following requirements:

1.Meet the requirements of extreme pressure and anti-wear .

Excavator is a kind of large heavy duty equipment, which mainly works under low speed and heavy load conditions, especially the rotary shaft. Therefore, lubricating grease is required to meet the excellent extreme pressure and wear resistance.

2.Good water resistance and rust resistance.

Excavator often works in muddy and dusty environment, and the chassis are easy to contact with mud and water. Hence , the grease should have excellent rust and water resistance to ensure that the bearings are not rusted.

3.Good mechanical stability.

The weight and load of excavator are very large, the grease must has good shear resistance during heavy load working,avoid grease soft and loss. Once the grease is loss, which influences the excavator operation.  

4.Adapt the various temperature range.

Excavator works in different areas, lubricant grease must meet the working requirements that excavator operates in winter and summer season, it  ensures that the excavator can work in low or high temperature environment. Especially the low temperature area, lubricant grease must has excellent low temperature fluidity.

5.Appropriate consistency.

Generally excavators work in the environment with water, dust and many impurities. Therefore, the lubricant grease should have appropriate consistency, to prevent impurities from entering the lubricating parts.

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