Classification of lithium greases

1.Universal type

General lithium grease has good water resistance, mechanical stability, rust resistance and oxidation stability. It is a kind of grease with long life and wide temperature range. The national standard of general lithium grease products GB7324-2010.

2.Automotive models

The general lithium grease for automobile is made of fatty acid lithium soap thickening low freezing point mineral oil and adding antirust agent and antioxidant. The product has good mechanical stability, colloidal stability, water resistance, rust resistance and oxidation stability. It is used for the lubrication of friction parts such as automobile hub bearings, chassis,  pumps and generators in the working temperature range of − 30 to 120 °C. The national standard GB / T5671-1995 of lithium grease for automobiles.

3.Extreme pressure type

The extreme pressure lithium-based grease is an extreme pressure-resistant grease prepared by thickening mineral lubricating oil with fatty acid lithium soap and adding antioxidant and extreme pressure agent. It is used for lubrication of bearings and gears of high-load mechanical equipment with working temperature of-20 ~ 120 °C, and can also be used in centralized lubrication system.

-China has abundant raw materials for the production of lithium grease, and its lithium storage accounts 

for the first place in the world, accounting for 47 % of the world 's storage. Therefore, the 

development of lithium grease production in China has very favorable conditions. 


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