Two Mistakes in Choosing Lithium Grease

Lithium grease has always been a highly used grease. Because of its wide application range and wide working temperature, as a universal grease, it is needed in various industries. It is also because of its wide range of applications, basically enterprises need to purchase it.

Today, around the problem of selecting ' it ', we will understand the selection errors that we may face.

-Mistake 1 : only focus on the problem of grease drip point, while ignoring the use of temperature.

First of all, let 's understand what is drip ? The drop point refers to the temperature at which the first drop of grease is dropped from the grease cup, which is called the drop point. Throughout the entire grease market, common grease drops are marked to 400 °, 380 °. But in fact, including the synthetic oil we use, extreme pressure composite lithium grease, grease drop point will not exceed 320 °. Must polish your eyes to buy !

Buying butter is not to say that the higher the drip point, the better, but to refer to all aspects of data and performance. Please be sure to see more, understand more and compare.

-Mistake 2 : The drawing of lithium grease is the performance of good adhesion ?

Many purchasers will subjectively think that butter drawing is obvious, which is equal to quality and adhesion. Some bad merchants see this loophole and do their best. They add gum or wire drawing agent to some ordinary greases, so that buyers feel that the grease is of good quality, so that they can buy and use it. Over time, the damage of using bad butter to the equipment is irreversible.

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