Why does lubricating oil produce blackening ?

The lubricating oil that just began to enter the metal gearbox was initially transparent light yellow. After extended life time, the oil became black and sticky. What's the reasons for blackening of lubricating oil .Why does this happen ?

Let 's talk about this question :

Reasons for blackening of lubricating oil :

1.Oxidation : The oil will contact with the air, and the oxygen molecules in the air will oxidize the oil and darken the color after long-term contact with the oil.

2.Decomposition:The lubricating oil of the reducer gearbox fails at high temperature, resulting in the pollution of iron chips and powders inside the mechanical gearbox.

3. Oil exposure in the air, over time will be stained with dust and dust and other impurities, oil pollution

4.The wear resistance of surrounding environmental pollution ( chemicals, etc. )

5.Carbon deposition from work.

6. The metal body itself accumulates a large amount of carbon pollution lubricating grease.

7. The machine has been running for a long time, equipment parts wear, metal debris and other particles mixed with oil, make it black.

8.Under high temperature environment, lubricating grease will accelerate oxidation, eventually leading to oil blackening.

Suggestions for the application of oil :

It is normal to darken the color of lubricating oil after a period of time.

But using bad lubricating oil accelerate the wear of parts.

We are suggest that not to use ordinary lubricating grease with low oil content and centered on filling and life maintenance, but to focus on the long life of lubricating oil.

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