Composition and main function of bearing grease

·Bearing grease-bearing service life of the ' blood '



Bearing grease is a widely used lubricant.It is often used in bearing repair and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the running parts of the equipment. It is also an important factor affecting bearing life.

Bearing grease consists of base oil, additives, and thickeners.It mainly plays a role in reducing friction, heat dissipation, shock absorption, noise reduction, etc. The main component of bearing grease is base oil.The content in the grease is about 75-90 %, which has the greatest influence on the characteristics of the grease.

·The important role of bearing grease :

1.Reduce friction.

Reducing the friction between the rolling element and the inner and outer rings of the bearing, Forming a liquid lubricating film to reduce contact with metals,and reduce the heat generated by their mutual friction.

2.Abrasion resistance.

Liquid lubricating film can greatly extend the life of the bearing.

3.Heat radiation

The heat dissipation grease can dissipate the heat generated by the rolling working surface through rolling flow and conduction.

4.Shock absorption

The noise reduction Lubricating oil film can absorb part of the energy, and can also partially convert the concentrated load into distributed load, which plays the role of shock absorption and noise reduction.


The sealing grease also plays a role in preventing dust, moisture from entering the rolling working surface of the bearing.Some oil seals are coated with bearing grease solely for filtration purposes.


Anti corrosion rolling bearing grease is generally a good rust and corrosion inhibitor, which can prevent bearing rust.

Insufficient lubrication or improper selection of lubrication methods will directly lead to the use efficiency of bearings and lead to bearing failure. Therefore, when choosing grease, it is necessary to comprehensively consider multiple factors such as working temperature, load and speed according to different usage conditions.

  • For bearings operating in low temperature environments, it is necessary to select low temperature grease.
  • Under heavy load conditions, it is necessary to select extreme pressure grease.
  • Some food and medical industries need to choose food grade bearing grease.

·Our recommended bearing lubrication products

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