Selection principle and misunderstanding of bearing grease

The editor of the previous issue introduced the composition and main functions of bearing grease. This issue will then introduce in detail how to select bearing grease. Different bearings require different greases, and the greases used under different working conditions are also different.

When selecting greases, we should consider the following factors :

1. temperature

In order to form the required oil film thickness, the lubricant must have a certain viscosity at working temperature. The viscosity of the lubricant decreases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, we should choose the lubricant with higher viscosity when the working temperature is high, , and when the working temperature is low, we should choose the lubricant with lower viscosity.


When the load of the bearing is large and the speed is low, the consistency of the bearing grease should be larger, and the viscosity of the base oil should be larger. On the contrary, we should select the products with larger cone penetration ;

3.Working environment

Bearings working in wet environment should choose grease with good corrosion resistance. The machinery working in a humid environment needs to stay for a long time. After staying, the bearing surface will form condensed water due to cooling. In order to prevent rust, we had better select the non-absorbent calcium base grease. When the bearing around the dust, and the use of curved seal, in orde to make the bearing grease play a sealing role,then should choose the grease with less penetration.When the bearing medium has a strong chemical effect, should choose the grease with anti-corrosion additives.

Next, take a look at two common misunderstandings when using bearing grease :

1.The more oil the better

Lubrication bearings, grease painted the more the better, which is a common misunderstanding. Excessive grease in the bearing and bearing chamber will cause excessive stirring of grease, resulting in extremely high temperature. The amount of filling lubricant for rolling bearings should be 1 / 2 ~ 1 / 3 full of bearing internal space, and should be 1 / 3 at high speed.

2.Mixed use of old and new grease

We can 't mix with old grease when using new grease, even the same type. Because the old grease contains a large number of organic acids and impurities, mixing with the new grease will accelerate its oxidative deterioration. Therefore, when changing grease, you must clean the old grease on the parts, and then add new grease.

After choosing the correct grease, we should also use it correctly. If the amount of fat is too large or too small, it can not achieve good results. When storing, we should try to store it indoors to avoid the sun and rain. If stored properly, it may cause problems such as discoloration or oil separation.

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