The characteristics and advantages of semi-fluid grease

This article will tell you the performance characteristics and advantages of semi-fluid grease in detail.

Semi-fluid grease refers to the general term of grease with consistency in the range of 000 ~ 0. Semi-fluid grease is only for ' hardness ', not for other quality indicators or product types. The state of semi-fluid grease is between lubricating oil and plastic grease, which is generally suitable for replacing high viscosity lubricating oil.

Performance characteristics of semi-fluid grease

Semi-fluid grease is a high-quality base oil thickened by organic thickener and refined with a variety of additives.When it comes to the advantages of semi-liquid grease, in addition to the advantages of general grease, there are some other.

1. Good flow performance

The fluidity of semi-fluid grease is much better than that of general grease. It will become thinner as the shear speed of the gear increases, and it will become thicker as the shear speed decreases. This ensures that the friction pair can maintain sufficient lubricating oil film at different speeds during operation, thereby prolonging the service life of the gear.

2. Excellent sealing performance

Compared with lubricating oil, semi-liquid grease is not easy to be released from the oil port in the short term after it is added to the gearbox. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the leakage of lubricating oil from the gearbox, and is not easy to be stolen and does not pollute the equipment and environment.

3. Low power consumption

The power loss of the friction pair not only depends on the consistency of the lubricant, but also is closely related to the friction of the friction part. The friction coefficient of semi-fluid grease is small, so the power consumption will not increase after using semi-fluid grease.

4. Less current consumption

Good starting performance is an important performance of gear transmission, especially it is more important to have a lower starting current while starting smoothly. Through experimental comparison, the current of using semi-fluid grease is smaller than that of using gear oil, indicating that semi-fluid grease will not increase power consumption.

5.Good wear reduction performance

The adsorption capacity of semi-fluid grease on the metal surface is stronger than that of lubricating oil, which can form a relatively solid oil film and can withstand higher working load. It can effectively avoid the dry friction between the tooth surfaces and play a good role in protecting gears and bearings.

Semi-fluid grease has excellent fluidity and performance. It flows under the action of gravity without any external force. It overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary grease that is not easy to flow when there is no external force, solves the problem of easy leakage in the use of lubricating oil, and reduces the requirements for complex sealing.

Due to the fluidity of semi-fluid grease itself, it maintains the characteristics of good cooling performance and fast heat dissipation, which makes up for the shortcomings of poor cooling effect of traditional grease. At the same time, the use of semi-fluid grease can also save lubricant consumption, simplify equipment maintenance and prolong service life. Therefore, it has broad application prospects.

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