The difference between high temperature grease and ordinary grease

High temperature grease is a special kind of grease, which requires high lubricity, high temperature resistance and durability. It is recommended to use synthetic base oil to produce grease with uniform and stable oil film. Due to the increasingly harsh working environment of mechanical equipment, the demand for grease is also increasing. But in some high temperature conditions, ordinary grease is unable to meet the needs of use. Therefore, in this case, the best solution is to use high temperature resistant grease, which can not only provide excellent lubrication for the equipment, but also prolong its service life.

So what is the difference between them?

The following is a detailed introduction :

1.Different thickeners, generally high temperature resistant grease will choose high drop point thickeners such as composite lithium, polyurea, etc., which are not easy to dilute at high temperature.

2.Base oil is different, good high temperature grease will generally choose synthetic base oil, synthetic hydrocarbons, esters and even silicone oil, fluorine oil. Its thermal stability and oxidative stability will be much better and its life will be extended. For example, fluorine oil is not inflammable by flame gun, and the long-term use temperature of ordinary mineral oil exceeds 93 °C, which is easy to coke.

3.The applicable temperature of the selected additives is different.

4.The high temperature grease has excellent film forming, bearing capacity and lubrication performance. It can provide excellent anti-wear lubrication protection at high temperature, and is more than 3 times that of general grease.

5.The difference between high temperature resistant grease and general grease is that the temperature range is between-50 ~ 250 °C, and the national standard drip point of general grease is about 180 degrees, so we can distinguish them by temperature.

Performance of high temperature resistant grease:

1.The reason why high temperature resistant grease can provide excellent lubrication performance in harsh working environment is inseparable from its composition. It is made of medium viscosity modified silicone oil and is a cost-effective fluorine-containing grease.

2, its wide range of uses, suitable for film stretching machine bearing, heat setting machine conveyor belt bearing, corrugated machine bearing, hot air bearing, hot oil pump bearing, high temperature motor bearing lubrication.

3.The high temperature resistant grease can effectively resist salt water and most cleaning agents, and will not dry out or form harmful impurities under high temperature and high load. It has good stability and can effectively prolong the lubrication time and oil change cycle.

4.The high temperature resistant grease is suitable for the lubrication and friction reduction of bearings, gears, guide rails and cams with extremely high temperature and high load that cannot be borne by ordinary grease, and has a longer life than ordinary grease.

The above is to introduce how to distinguish between high temperature grease and ordinary grease. The selection of high temperature grease is directly related to the stable operation of the equipment. In order to better play the good condition of mechanical equipment, we suggest that you choose Dongsen high temperature grease.

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