Extreme Pressure Lithium Base Grease

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Product introduction

Dongsen Calcium sulfonate complex extreme pressure high temperature greases deliver improved performance for Dongsen extreme pressure Lithium base Grease is an extreme pressure grease, which is formulated with a lithium soap thickener and high-quality mineral base oil. It contains rust and oxidation inhibitors, and extreme pressure and anti wear additives to ensure excellent performance and longer cycle life, can be applicable even in severe service conditions where high temperatures, shock loading and water contamination are possible.

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Dongsen EP Lithium base grease is specially formulated to lubricate all kinds of equipment and machines. This grease will perform excellent for on- and off- road equipment, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, marine, forestry and general purpose applications.  EP 2/3 Lithium Grease are well suited in heavy duty bearings and general industrial lubrication.

◎With excellent extreme pressure and anti wear properties which can protect heavily loaded or shock-loaded bearings from wear and extend equipment life.

◎Lithium soap thickener ensures good mechanical stability, so the grease structure does not soften or break down during service.

◎ High-quality base oil ensures a good oil film thickness is maintained, even in high-temperature applications, protecting components from wear.

◎ Excellent protection against rust and corrosion ensures long component life, and extends maintenance intervals.

◎ Good thermal and oxidation stability ensure longer grease life under high-temperature conditions, providing optimum lubrication, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance requirements.

◎ Grease with good adhesivity to metal surfaces, sealing out dirt and abrasive materials, to ensure longer lubricating cycle life.

◎ Available in NLGI grades 00, 0, 1 , 2 and 3 to meet the requirements of specific applications.


◎ Widely used for bearings and gears of medium to heavily loaded mechanical equipment, where an extreme pressure/anti-wear grease is required for extra protection.

◎ Multi-service grease for machinery.

◎ General lubrication of roller bearings ,automotive wheel bearings (with drum brake systems) and sliding bearings operating under light load.

◎ Applications where the temperature range is from –20°C to +120°C.

Technical Data Sheet

Item Type Test  Methods
1# 2# 3#
Appearance smooth  ointment yellow color Visibility
Worked cone penetration, 0.1mm 320 280 230 GB/T 269-1991
Dropping Point,ºC    ≥ 180 180 180 GB/T 4929-1985
Viscosity,(-15℃,10s^-1),(Pa·s) 462 462 462 SH/T 0048
Water leaching loss(38°,1h),%(m/m) 2.1 2.1 2.1 SH/T 0109
Oil Separation,24h@100ºC ,% 2.9 2.9 2.9 NB/SH/T 0324
Four ball Extreme Pressure Test

Wear mark diameter(392N,75℃,1200rpm,60min),mm

0.6 0.6 0.6 SH/T 0204
Corrosion Preventive Properities,48h@52ºCRating pass pass pass GB/T 5018
Copper corrossion,T2 copper strip ,24h@100ºC rating pass pass pass GB/T 7326-1987

Grease Usage Notice

1.Position the grease in a ventilated, favorable temperature room. Protected it from dust and impurities after open, close the drum lid after using.

2.Cleaning the parts of lubrication before using, don’t mix using with other grease. If there is a little oil impregnate, blend it before using.”


1.500g/1kg in plastic bag /cartridge/plastic pail/metal tin and other;

2.2kg ,3kg ,5kg10KG,15KG or other weight in plastic pail ;

3.180KG in drum;

4.All the weight can be packaged according to customer requirements;












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