Multipurpose Calcium Grease

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Product introduction

JTSOR as one of the industry leaders in developing and producing high-quality automotive and industrial greases and oils, Dongsen has developed its own calcium-based grease called Multipurpose Calcium grease. This naphthenic base oil lubricant is specifically designed to withstand water, rust, and corrosion exposure, while simultaneously protecting the equipment and improving its performance.ations requiring antiwear lubricants. They are formulated using high quality base oils and selected additive systems with many desirable characteristics that extend equipment life.

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Some of the key features of this multipurpose grease are great water resistance, good corrosion protection, and great mechanical stability. However, this lubricant is best used at the range of the operation temperature in case the higher temperature will damage the structure of the grease

◎Powerful lubricant grease that is known for its water-resistant properties and thus suitable to be used in wet environments and unfavourable working conditions.

◎High-quality calcium grease that creates a thick lubricating film when applied, ensuring premium protection of equipment and machine parts that are exposed to water and operated in wet or damp conditions.

◎Super protective lubricant with impressive oxidation stability properties, able to protect your machine parts against rust and corrosion

Technical Data Sheet

Item Type Test  Methods
1# 2# 3#
Appearance smooth  ointment yellow color Visibility
Worked cone penetration, 0.1mm 325 280 235 GB/T 269-1991
Dropping Point,ºC    ≥ 140 140 140 GB/T 4929-1985
Oil Separation,24h@100ºC ,% 0.46 0.46 0.46 NB/SH/T 0324-2010
Copper corrossion,T2 copper strip ,24h@100ºC rating pass pass pass GB/T 7326-1987


◎ Multipurpose Calcium base grease is suitable to be used in a wide range of marine, construction, and agricultural applications.

◎suitable even for operations such as canal building, swamp lumbering, and on-surface mining. moreover, it can be used for marine equipment such as gearboxes, winches, deck machines, and other parts

Grease Usage Notice

1.Position the grease in a ventilated, favorable temperature room. Protected it from dust and impurities after open, close the drum lid after using.

2.Cleaning the parts of lubrication before using, don’t mix using with other grease. If there is a little oil impregnate, blend it before using.”


1.500g/1kg in plastic bag /cartridge/plastic pail/metal tin and other;

2.2kg ,3kg ,5kg10KG,15KG or other weight in plastic pail ;

3.180KG in drum;

4.All the weight can be packaged according to customer requirements;












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