What will happen when excessive bearing grease is added?

1.Excessive bearing grease will not only fail to lubricate, but also have many negative effects.

excessive bearing grease



Taking bearings as an example,add excessive bearing grease,

which will lead to increased bearing rotation resistance,

increased temperature and energy consumption, and increased

temperature will also cause grease oxidation,Speed up

( early deterioration, oil service life is shortened ) and

other undesirable phenomena.

  When the temperature inside the bearing rises, the base oil contained in the grease is accelerated to precipitate-and the grease can lubricate, mainly because of the base oil. After the base oil is lost from the grease, the thickener is left and dried and hardened, resulting in that the newly added grease cannot fully flow to the inner core of the bearing, resulting in poor lubrication, bearing wear and even failure. In addition, the dry grease hard block may fall off, break and then bring into the bearing.
excessive bearing grease

Excessive fatliquoring will also cause sealing problems. The pressure on the seal will increase, causing the seal to break and fail, resulting in lax sealing, introducing impurities and water permeability, causing damage to the bearing.

When using a grease gun for greasing, pay attention to the pressure borne by the seal. Some grease guns can reach a pressure of 15000 psi, while ordinary can withstand around 500 psi. Therefore, it is necessary to properly control the pressure of the grease gun during greasing.

For the motor, too much grease leaks to the motor winding and drys on the surface, which will cause poor heat dissipation of the winding.

2.Rolling bearing filling grease refers to the following principles :

  • Do not fill general bearings with grease, just load the bearing cavity of all space 1/2-3/4;
  • The horizontal bearing fills 2/3-3/4 of the inner cavity space ;
  • Vertically mounted bearings fill1/2 ( upper side ) and 3/4( lower side ) of the space in the cavity ;
  • In environments prone to pollution, for low or medium speed bearings, it is necessary to fill all the space in the bearings and bearing boxes;
  • High-speed bearings should be placed in high-quality lubricating oil before grease loading. In order to avoid the bearing burn out due to insufficient grease on the friction surface during start-up.

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excessive bearing grease
excessive bearing grease
excessive bearing grease

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